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Georgina Reynolds

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In Memory of Jennie Reynolds


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This page has been set up in the memory of Jennie Reynolds who sadly passed away on the 18th February 2021 from Covid-19 in the Intensive Care Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Jennie was a loving wife, mother and daughter, and a dear friend to so many, who spent her life always putting others first. Throughout her life she always showed those around her how much she loved and appreciated them, and so we have established this page to help raise as much money as we can in her name.

All donations will be given to the Intensive Care Unit, as they were so kind and caring to Jennie during the 3 weeks she spent there, on a ventilator, trying to battle Covid-19. Their determination to try everything they could to help her is beyond admirable, and the continued resilience to care, despite the trauma of the ward, is a testament to the strength of every human being who goes into the healthcare sector. We hope that the money raised will allow the unit and staff to be able to continue in their amazing work, as words cannot truly express how much we, as Jennie's family, are thankful for everything they did for her in the last weeks of her life.